The inventor of the Trampoline Safety Net that protects millions of happy kids around the world, Mark Publicover, created to encourage the companies using his many trampoline inventions to build longer lasting safety components. JumpSport, the family owned business founded by Mark in 1997, sponsors and owns this website. We are completely transparent about how we gather over 40 data points and measurements for the product ratings. All testing is conducted by JumpSport using its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

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Consumer Ratings


Recommended Product Tested Overall Product Rating Safety How It Performed Durability Play Add-ons BBB Rating Consumer Rating Price
TS-rating-Recommended AirMaster A+ Insufficient Reviewers $682
TS-rating-Highly-Recommended AlleyOOP Double Bounce A+ $1,999
Bounce Pro B+ $267
Exacme Not Rated $340
Homcom Aosome B- $340
TS-rating-Highly-Recommended JumpSport Elite A+ $1,149
TS-rating-Highly-Recommended JumpSport Staged Bounce A+ $788
TS-rating-Recommended JumpZone B+ $225
Olympus Pro Extra Heavy Duty F $699
Orbounder JumpKing A+ $355
Propel A+ $468
PureFun F $305
TS-rating-Recommended Skywalker 14 A+ $289
TS-rating-Highly-Recommended Skywalker 15 A+ $349
Springfree Large Square A+ Insufficient Reviewers $1,899
Ultega Not Rated $399
Upper Bounce Not Rated $415
Variflex Not Rated $527
Vuly Thunder Not Rated Insufficient Reviewers $2,149

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